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These are a Few of My Favorite Things...Right Now

Posted on 17 October 2015

My futuristic inspiration has been fueled by Duran Duran's latest album "Paper Gods" which was released last month. It's a nod to the band's original bubble gum, anthemic choruses, but finds clever ways of bringing in-the-now dance club beats out to play. The hum-along worthy track, "Pressure Off" featuring Jangle Monae, is just guilty fun and radio friendly to a tee.

With my vibe being very fashion forward, what's more forward moving than metals and minimalism? The latest inspiration behind this simple, little black flap brings two elements together: supple black leather against cool metals.This understated piece is all I need when running quick errands around LA and can easily transition into a bag for going out at night. (Not that I do...but, you could!)

My Dior "Ondine" sunglasses are an old favorite from a few years ago. I feel like I can't go wrong with these, no matter what I might choose to wear. My Kate Spade agenda is helping me keep track of life a little bit better than I was without it. Plus, the polka dot paper makes me smile. : ) Lastly, I've been borrowing my husband's Michael Kors watch because he's a generous man and lucky for me, we have nearly the same wrist size. 

Another combination to fall in love with...

I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do!

Until next time,

Courtney DeFuria


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